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Villa in Prangins

Crestron Home
We deployed a Crestron Home system for full control of the property. We performed KNX programming, and air conditioning integration via BACnet. We installed also a security system and intercoms

Apartment in Risch

Crestron Home and 2N
We installed a multiroom audio video system with Crestron Home control. We integrated a 4G 2N intercom into Crestron Home

Villa in Tanneron

Smart home, Security system
We equipped this second home with smart HD cameras, electronic doorlock and gates, security system connected to the police. The property is 100% remotely controlled via our app including property management features like bills payment, service providers selection and others

Apartment at Victor Hugo, Nice

Security system
Our installation includes wireless HD cameras and security detectors. All systems are controlled via mobile app and immediately inform property owner in case of intrusion

Apartment at Beausite, Cannes

Multimedia, security system, wireless networks
We designed and installed a high-quality multimedia system for background music and home cinema, The system is connected to popular streaming services like Spotify and is easily controlled from mobile devices. We also equipped this apartment with a security system and high speed routers

Villa in Chens sur Leman

Indoor mobile signal
Our company designed and installed an indoor system to improve mobile signal coverage and solve the problem of living in the France-Switzerland border zone

Residence at Kosygina st., Moscow

Building networks, BMS
We were responsible for designing and building of all low-voltage networks and equipment installation of the residence, including SE building management system. We also performed works in several apartments.

Matrex project, Skolkovo

Building networks, BMS, indoor mobile signal
A unique project in Moscow Silicon Valley. Design, installation and maintenance of Honeywell BMS et ISS, and building networks

Residence Bulgakov, Moscow

Access control, internet networks
Construction of external and internal internet networks, and an interphone system for all apartments

Residences at Dovzhenko st., Moscow

Video surveillance, internet networks, indoor mobile signal
Complete project of a smart video surveillance system for two residences. Low voltage networks and equipment installation; an indoor system for improving mobile signal coverage on the underground floor

Residence at Nikitskaya st, Moscow

External and internal internet networks, TV networks, indoor mobile signal
Our first priceless project. We built external and internal internet networks, TV networks, including all equipment installation. Our installation includes also an indoor system for improving mobile signal coverage. We also performed works in several apartments. We keep providing maintenance services for the residence